An Introduction

Deborah Hurwitz is a composer, conductor and recording artist whose internationally acclaimed projects include Cirque du Soleil's IRIS, Cyndi Lauper's Burn Baby Burn Tour with Cher and the Broadway smash hit Jersey Boys.  She has written, arranged and produced music for television shows ranging from Sesame Street to Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, national commercial campaigns such as Old Navy and Capital One, and a diverse array of films, interactive media projects and live shows.  She released two independent CDs as singer/songwriter/alter ego Deborah Marlowe and has performed on The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall and twice at the White House. Read Deborah's full bio here.

Current Projects

Join us LIVE on Thursday!

Join us LIVE on Thursday!

This coming Thursday, June 11th, my friend, fellow coach and entrepreneurial artist Rush Dorsett and I, along with a half dozen other entrepreneurial artists, will co-create a brand new Livestream called Creativity in Times of Crisis: Unleash your Creativity and Fulfill your Purpose during Times of Global Change.  We’re going live with YOU and it’s going to be so, so good! 

It’s virtual, of course, and completely free.  You can register RIGHT HERE

This event is for creative professionals who believe that authentic, liberated self-expression is a crucial component of true freedom, and fuels our ability to make a difference in the world.  

It’s for all of us, to generate our best, most creative solutions as we collectively rise out of the pandemic and into the next chapter of humanity. 

Here is what we’ll be covering in the livestream: 

• Daily practices and rituals to tap into your creative flow 

• Creating success with your art 

• How to get out of procrastination and GET IT DONE 

• How to break out of limiting beliefs of “I can’t” “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have time”, and create core beliefs that serve your vision 

• Learn healing techniques to overcome blocks to your creative expression 

• WHY your art is deeply important and needed 

• Letting go of struggle, overwhelm and sacrifice around your art, and tapping into flow, joy and passion 

This is a fully LIVE event, where you will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and ask the experts your questions! Don’t miss it.  CLICK HERE to save your spot.

Curious about how you can amp up your productivity, break through procrastination and access your most creative, inspired solutions instead of suffering the daily grind?  Visit for FREE resources to help you right away!

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